To say that innovation is lacking in the financial services and insurance industries would be an understatement.

The content of 21st Century Advisors is truly innovative and many would say revolutionary.

Roccy DeFrancesco, JD, is committed to getting the content of his book in the hands of advisors in need and, as such, is committed to making himself available as a speaker. Roccy has an extensive speaking background. The following are just some of the organizations he’s spoken for:

•             Society of Financial Services Professionals
•             IN, MI, OH, CA Bar Association
•             MI, OH, IN and KY CPA Societies
•             National Society of Accountants
•             CPA/Law Forum of Illinois
•             The National Funeral Home Directors Association
•             Association of American Physicians and Surgeons
•             California Orthopedic Association
•             The American Academy of Medical Management
•             Indiana State Medical Association
•             The Orthopedic Surgeon Income Symposium
•             Mid-America Orthopedic Association
•             Academy of Medicine, Cincinnati
•             Ohio State Medical Association
•             California Association of Emergency Physicians
•             PAHCOM, BONES, and TXMGMA

Roccy has made a commitment to support his book and as such will do what he can to make himself available to speak at insurance company seminars, IMO seminars, and local or national insurance and financial planning association seminars.

Roccy will be waiving their normal speaking fees to come out and talk about how advisors can transform their lives with the content covered in the his book.

If you would like to inquire about having Roccy speak at an upcoming meeting or seminar, email or call 269-216-9978.