Retirement Planning

The fact of the matter is that most people have NOT properly planned for retirement.

Unfortunately, many advisors in the financial services and life insurance/annuity industry have done a bad job of helping clients reach their retirement planning goals.

Many people either do not trust their current advisors or simply have no idea if what is being recommended to them is any good.

If is for the above reasons that Phil Hosbein has decided to help Tri-County Bookkeeping clients with retirement planning.


Most people have the same simple goals when it comes to retirement planning.

1) They want to minimize risk.

2) They want to have certain guarantees that they will never run out of money in retirement.

3) They want to use tools that are the most tax-efficient.

Investment Risk Score

Do you know what your investment risk tolerance is? Most do not and we believe that it’s impossible to help clients pick the “best” retirement planning tools until they know their investment risk tolerance.

We recommend that EVERY client and potential client find their own personal “Risk Score” by clicking on the following image.

Questions to ponder

-Are you invested in mutual funds, index funds, or individual stocks?

If you are, the chances are high that you are taking more risk than you should be taking to reach your retirement planning goals.

-Do have annuities?

Most people don’t understand annuities well enough to know why they should or shouldn’t be used or which kind should be used if needed.

-Do you have insurance (whole, variable, universal, or term)?

Like annuities, those who have life insurance typically don’t know why they have the particular kind they do or if what they have is the best one for their situation.

-Do you have long-term care (LTC) insurance?

Most people don’t have LTC insurance and are not familiar with the new products that can significantly reduce the cost of purchasing coverage.

Holistic approach

While financial professionals pitch money management and while insurance agents sell products, it is our goal to take a 360 degree holistic approach to helping clients.

We are agnostic when it comes to what is needed.

Our goal is to make sure clients receive the best advice/recommendation that will best fit their individual circumstances.

In our 360 degree approach, we look at and can help with the following:

-Asset protection
-Reducing taxes
-Lower risk investing without sacrificing yields
-Annuities (including guaranteed income for life products)
-Life insurance
-LTC insurance
-Estate planning
-Home mortgage acceleration


Education is the key to long lasting relationships with clients. When clients understand what you are recommending, the advisor-client relationship is set up to stand the test of time.

Too often people buy products from an insurance agent and have little understanding of the product (how they work and why they are a good fit).

Too often people take investment advice and don’t understand how at-risk their investments are to significant market downturns.

We offer clients some of the best educational material available so they understand their options and understand the recommendations we make. Again, this is key to building a long lasting and trusted relationship.

Getting started

How do you get started to have our firm look at your situation?

You can start by simply emailing Phil Hosbein at to schedule a call or an appointment or simply to start a dialogue through email.

We highly recommend that EVERYONE click on the What’s my Risk Score icon above. That will be a good start so we can find out what your individual score is for future discussion and planning purposes.

Finally, we know that many people may simply have questions about advice they have been given or something that is currently being suggested by another advisor. Feel free to reach out to us so we can give you a second unbiased opinion.

Life is too short to wonder if you are getting the best advice to help you grow and protect your wealth.