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Let’s face it, the insurance and financial services industries are changing at a rapid pace. The DOL has sent the industry into total disarray and advisors are struggling to adapt.

For most in the industry, it’s harder now to make a living and the bi-product of that is less revenue, more stress, and for some more client complaints.

What do most advisors want?

1) More “net” revenue
2) Less stressful
3) Increased quality of life

Most advisors don’t know how to change one of, let alone, all three of the above.

Becoming a 21st Century Advisor

The entire basis for the book 21st Century Advisor was to create a road map that can be followed to help advisors achieve 1-3 above.

A 21st century advisor is one that has the following traits:

1) Knowledgeable
2) Client focused (not self-focused)
3) Marketing savvy
4) Technology savvy
5) Postured for long-term financial security

All of the above listed characteristics should sound like ones that every advisor aspires to have. Unfortunately, due to a number of reasons, the vast majority of advisors lack one or more of the above listed characteristics.

How do advisors get into the 21st century and move their businesses in a direction that is more personally satisfying and more profitable?

Your first step is to read my book 21st Century Advisor. It’s an easy read and you’ll be nodding to yourself in agreement with the authors as you go through the book.

To download the book for FREE in an e-format, click here.

The second step for many will be to my help and that of my strategic partners to help you reshape your business.

If you would like to setup a call with me to talk about your personal situation and whether becoming a 21st century advisor makes sense, email or call me direct at 269-216-9978.

Roccy DeFrancesco, JD